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Our goal is to build you a new website, or remodel your existing one to provide you exactly the website you need to become the dominate company in your field your local market and be recognized as the leading authority.  You want to become the “go to” company whenever people have questions or simply want some advice.  A great website will drive new customers to the business using the power of internet marketing such that the company receives a significant increase in sales and profits as a result of the efforts.  If you contract with us to build your website, here’s what we’ll do:

Initial Consultation:

We offer a no-obligation, ‘jargon free’ consultation for no charge to discuss your website requirements.  If you have an existing website, we will evaluate and give you some recommend improvements.  We’ll provide you a free quote for our services to either refurbish your existing site, or build you a new one…whichever is the best option for you.  This initial discussion can be via e-mail, over the telephone or in person if you are in the local area – whichever is best for you!  We also have the ability to set up an online video/audio meeting.

Because we provide you with a fixed quote for the work on the website you will know the full final cost upfront with no hidden extras.

Cooperative Design Phase:

This is the start of the process.  We’ll sit down with you and discuss your business, your objectives, and what you are looking for in a website.  Every customer’s needs are unique.  So, this is where we will work close together to outline what is possible within your budget and the time frames they can be delivered.

We’ll be looking for what you want in style, content, and ultimate objectives of the website.  Providing information to the reader and showing  them your expertise so they will call you for an appointment requires a very different website design approach from someone that wants to offer products and services to sell on line right now.

From our meeting, we’ll develop a plan and a basic outline of the tabs and content you will have on the initial site structure.  We’ll also research several quality templates that fit your style and the message you want to send those visiting your site.

In thinking about what you want your website to be, these are the areas you should consider:

Data Gathering:

Now that we know the design and basic structure you want on your website, we’ll need to start gathering together the photos, content, videos, and other inserts that we’ll be using on your site.  Some of this will come from our extensive files of information and photos, some will come from public information, but most will come from you.  Because, this is all about you and your business, it should be as individual as possible.  People want to know YOU.

While we are assembling the prototypes for you to review, we’ll provide you with a specific list of content information we’ll need and assign responsibility regarding whom will need to supply it.  Remember, this is about your company.  So, the more we can get from you, the more YOU it will be.


Once we have all the data, we will provide you the outline structure for your website and several prototype templates for you to choose from.  We’ll review the layout and designs with you to find your favorite and then finalize the layout to suit your needs.  We’ll build the basic platform and give you the opportunity to make any changes before we begin serious building.


If you are unhappy with our mock up designs, you are free to walk away without paying us anything.

Competitor Research Analysis:

Before beginning your website, we’ll perform a detailed analysis and research of your top 5 competitors.  We will research their websites to see how they are performing in Search Engines and Social Networks.  We will also evaluate any weaknesses in their Internet Marketing efforts and what their strengths are. You need to know what your competition is doing.

Web Site Creation:

When you are happy with your chosen design, and we’ve received your deposit, will start the design process, adding your information/pictures/media to the site and complete the design process.   Website Development incorporates all areas of creating a new website for you.  This includes web design, (graphic design, HTML coding, CSS, usability and semantics) programming, server administration, content management, testing & development, and marketing.  We will keep you updated on the process as we move along and ask for your feedback and what areas you like and dislike.  When complete, we will review the site with you and make any final adjustments before the site is placed online for the world to see!

Test and Go Live!

As soon as the site is finished we can link the website to your domain name, set up e-mail addresses and put your finished site online for the whole world to see!  But, first, we need to test it thoroughly to be sure everything works, including links, videos, and sign-up forms.  Once everything is running as programmed, we’ll post your new website online.  You are now live!

We will manually submit your website to the 3 major search engines.  Manual submission of your website is detailed and time consuming.  But, this is particularly important for search engines like Yahoo and others that do not work well with automated submission tools.  Manual submissions guarantee that a search engine will index your page.

Search Engine Optimization – OEM:

OEM is the process of optimizing your website for specific keywords and phrases to encourage a better position by search engines when people do a search.

You’ve got your website live online, but don’t get too excited just yet.  Going live with even a magnificent website, and without all the things needed to get Google and the other search engines to notice it, is like having a neon sign made and putting in a back alley where no one can find it.  So, the next step is to begin optimizing your website so that people looking for what you have to offer can find you easily.  This is a multi-faceted process that takes time.  Google only refreshes their rankings every 15-30 days.  So, any changes we make will take a while to get noticed.

Here’s what we’ll be doing to ensure your site will be properly indexed by search engines:

        • What is the goal of your website?
        • What is the target audience?
        • What do you intend to offer?
        • What is your “success” measure and what will you use to measure success?
        • Keyword optimization
        • Metatags optimization
        • Descriptions and optimization
        • Alt tag optimization
        • Anchor text optimization
        • Optimization of sitemap.xml, ROR.xml, urllist.txt, robots.txt, info.txt
        • Website verification from Google Webmaster Tool
        • Website verification from Yahoo Site Explorer
        • Website verification from MSN Webmaster Tool

Google Analytics:

As part of your website design, we will install a tracking program on your website that will track all visitors and analyze their activities.  This is essential to knowing the changes in customer volume but modifying your marketing campaigns and tweaking your website to capture and retain the maximum number of people looking for your services.

Additional Costs & Fees:

Our services provide you a website that will meet your specific needs, and we will work on it until you are satisfied.  There could be, however, costs and fees in addition to that which you will pay us.  For example, purchasing a domain name and hosting it on a server is an extra cost.  We will, of course, help you set all these up with the highest quality services out there.

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