About us

Welcome to our Company.

Let me start off by letting you know we are not a big company.  In fact, we pride ourselves on remaining compact and efficient.  Each of us are specialists in our own category; custom website design, logo creation, marketing, and text writing.  Yet, there is sufficient overlap where in our talents where we back each other up.  Because we have very little overhead, we are able to keep our prices down so that even the average person or small company can afford to have a unique, professional website.

Our focus is on individuals who want a website of their own, groups (like little league teams or churches) that want a special place, small business that are just getting started, and small – medium size businesses that want a website or want to upgrade the one they have now.

We came from different places with different backgrounds, different experiences, and different ideas.  But, the blend of those is what makes us unique and allows us to create some of the amazing things we do for our clients.  And, perhaps most importantly, we believe that everyone should have access to a custom, awesome website at a cost they can afford.  Hopefully, our website here, and some of our other examples of our clients shown below, gives you an idea of our capabilities.  But, the bottom line, we enjoy helping people.

Receive everything you want in life by helping other people find what they want.”

Why choose us?


Low Cost

We are not a large company, so we don’t have the overhead that drives up prices.  After we give you a quote, if you can find a better price for the same thing, we will match that price, plus give you another 10% off.  That’s how confident we are.



We don’t just build websites, logos, and photos.  We become your business partner and provide you personalized service.  You will be joined with one of our top design leaders who will follow you and your project from start to finish…and well after!

Business Plan

Know Your Business

To design an awesome website that represents a companys’ brand and flavor, you need to know that company intimately.  That’s what sets us apart.  We spend considerable time in the beginning, and throughout the process, getting to really understand who you are, what you do, and what you want to say.

Our Services


One of our primary services is personalized, awesome, custom websites.  Take a look at just a few of the companies below that are enjoying the edge and control their website offers.


We offer inexpensive, custom, unique logos for companies, groups, or individuals.  Your logo sets you apart, and gives you brand identity.

Photos & Videos

Why go somewhere else to get your videos and photos for your website?  We offer video production as well as photo editing to make your website stand out.


We have extensive experience in marketing campaigns and advertising design.  It’s all about bringing in new customers and clients.  Let us help you develop a powerful program that can do that.

Here are just a few of our recent projects

NEWWALL 3D shine letters with Logo MASTER - Small
Imagine Hair logo-2014
fm consultants logo MASTER Small
Barnes Corner Storage Logo - MASTER - 750
Logo for Website
GG Logo Only for light backgrounds
OfficeByte Logo
JMK Logo for Constant Contacts
Website Master Logo STACKED

Tell Your Story
The “flashiest” website is not always the best if it doesn’t tell your story and give visitors a real flavor of who you are.

No website stands alone.  Even great websites are still only a component of an overall solid marketing strategy.  We can help you with that.
Did you know that the average visitor only spends 10 seconds on a website before deciding to stay?  Your site needs to grab visitors and pull them in.
One of the most important components of business identity is your logo.  It is the thread that ties everything together.